2019 Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual - Maintenance


    Repair and replacement

It is recommended that genuine Toyota parts be used for repairs to ensure performance of each sys- tem. If non-Toyota parts are used in replacement or if a repair shop other than a Toyota dealer performs repairs, confirm the warranty cover- age.

    Allow inspection and repairs to be performed by a Toyota dealer
    Toyota technicians are well- trained specialists and are kept up to date with the latest service information. They are well informed about the operations of all systems on your vehicle.
    Keep a copy of the repair order. It proves that the maintenance that has been performed is under war- ranty coverage. If any problem should arise while your vehicle is under warranty, your Toyota dealer will promptly take care of it.

General maintenance

Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance should be performed at specified inter- vals according to the mainte- nance schedule.

For details about maintenance items and schedules, refer to the “Scheduled Maintenance Guide” or “Owner’s Manual Supplement”.

    Resetting the message indicat- ing maintenance is required

After the required maintenance is performed according to the mainte- nance schedule, please reset the reminder light or message.

To reset the reminder light or mes- sage, follow the procedure described below:

    Press or of the meter

control switches and select on the multi-information display.

    Press or of the meter control switches and select “Vehicle Settings”. Then press


    Press or of the meter control switches and select “Scheduled Maintenance”. Then

press .

    Select “Yes” and press .

The use of Toyota Repair Manuals is recommended.

For details about warranty cover- age, refer to the separate “Owner’s Warranty Information Booklet” or “Owner’s Manual Supplement”.


    If the engine is running

Turn the engine off and ensure that there is adequate ventilation before performing maintenance checks.

Engine compartment

The malfunction indicator lamp comes on indicating a temporary malfunction and your vehicle may not pass the I/M test.

When the malfunction indicator lamp still remains on after several driving trips

The OBD system determines that a problem exists some- where in the emission control system. Your vehicle may not pass the I/M test and may need to be repaired. Contact your Toyota dealer to service the vehicle.

    When the battery is discon- nected or discharged Readiness codes that are set during ordinary driving are erased.

Also, depending on your driv- ing habits, the readiness codes may not be completely set.

    When the fuel tank cap is

The error code in the OBD sys- tem will not be cleared unless the vehicle is driven 40 or more times.

If your vehicle does not pass the I/M test

Contact your Toyota dealer to prepare the vehicle for re-test- ing.

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