What is the Ground Clearance of a 2002 Toyota RAV4?

Ground Clearance
2002 Toyota RAV4
2002 Toyota RAV4
Exterior length: 166.2; Exterior body width: 68.3; Exterior height: 65.7 - 66.1; Wheelbase: 98.0; Front Track: 59.3; Rear Track: 58.9 - 59.1; Turning Radius: 17.7; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2002 Ford Escape
Exterior length: 173.0; Exterior body width: 70.1; Exterior height: 69.1; Wheelbase: 103.1; Front Track: 61.2; Rear Track: 61.0; Turning Radius: 17.7 - 18.3; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2002 Honda CR-V
Exterior length: 178.6; Exterior body width: 70.2; Exterior height: 66.2; Wheelbase: 103.1; Front Track: 60.4; Rear Track: 60.6; Turning Radius: 17.1; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2002 Hyundai Santa Fe
Exterior length: 177.3; Exterior body width: 71.7 - 72.7; Exterior height: 66.0; Wheelbase: 103.1; Front Track: 60.7; Rear Track: 60.7; Turning Radius: 18.5; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2002 Jeep Wrangler
Exterior length: 152.0; Exterior body width: 66.7; Exterior height: 71.1; Wheelbase: 93.4; Front Track: 58.0; Rear Track: 58.0; Turning Radius: 16.4; Ground Clearance: 10.1;
Ground Clearance: 10.1
2002 Jeep Liberty
Exterior length: 174.7; Exterior body width: 71.6; Exterior height: 70.9 - 73.2; Wheelbase: 104.3; Front Track: 60.0; Rear Track: 59.7; Turning Radius: 17.9; Ground Clearance: 8.6 - 9.7;
Ground Clearance: 8.6 - 9.7
2002 Kia Sportage
Exterior length: 150.4 - 162.5; Exterior body width: 68.1; Exterior height: 65.0; Wheelbase: 92.9 - 104.3; Front Track: 56.7; Rear Track: 56.7; Turning Radius: 16.1 - 17.4; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2002 Subaru Forester
Exterior length: 175.6; Exterior body width: 68.3; Exterior height: 65.0; Wheelbase: 99.4; Front Track: 58.1; Rear Track: 57.7; Turning Radius: 17.3; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2002 Subaru Outback
Exterior length: 184.4 - 187.4; Exterior body width: 68.7; Exterior height: 58.3 - 63.3; Wheelbase: 104.3; Front Track: 57.9; Rear Track: 57.7; Turning Radius: 18.4; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data

If you are fond of venturing pathless like our band, then you might have been curious about the 2002 Toyota RAV4 ground clearance. These charts were arranged by our experts for car lovers much the same as you, who chasing for the ground clearance specifics of certain 2002 Toyota RAV4.

At the beginning, each time trying to single out the ground clearance for your own 2002 Toyota RAV4, it is suggested to come to an agreement on what kind of pathless journey you count on, because there is a literal contract between beach sand piles and mountain peak roads, that crave unrelated 2002 Toyota RAV4 layouts along with its individual lower ground clearance. It could determine the type of track or surfaces that your auto could travel over free of harm to its bumpers, body, and undercarriage elements.

Still, there are several more causes that have impact on a 2002 Toyota RAV4 ground clearance for any car owner to contemplate. A car`s approach position shows the most lifted hill on which your model can ascend free of breakage, like scraping the fore bumper against a crag. The next point whereas deciding on the ground clearance is a departure position as the lower it is supposed to be the far more plunge for your respective car to get stuck with the back bumper. The final extra prospect to consider may be a break-over angle, that measures the room between the front and rear wheels of the 2002 Toyota RAV4 along with the automobile`s lowest part. Such a factor touches the bluffest spot your vehicle is able to leftover excluding high-centering.

In closing, should you wish to shop for a 2002 Toyota RAV4, you have to be confident in the species of your automobile. As it is commonly known, sedans normally have the most low-hanging ground clearance, even though high-class versions might feature some impressive data. Hatchbacks are pretty satisfying for both town and periodic journeys and their ground clearance will be suited for unconstrained pathless journeys. SUVs are made to pick you up towards the most stunning locations thanks to their broad frame, tall stance, and, of course, the greatest ground clearance.